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17 April , 2013 - Eastern Auctions Limited

On a recent CBC radio program, we heard the announcer ask, what does Canada have in greater quantities than any other country? The first person to respond said "Canadians". The second said "beavers". While both were true, the right answer was "lakes".

Naturally the reference to beavers got us thinking of stamps. Here are two interesting beavers that were offered in this Eastern mail sale:

Lot 1620
Unitrade 4viii
Estimate $750
Realized $325


This VF vertical pair has been canceled with a four ring Montreal “21” cancellation. It shows a very scarce major re-entry (posn. 91, pane A)

Lot 1625
Scott 15
Catalogue $75
Realized $115

This was described as a 5¢ beaver pair, used, with four ring “12” cancellation from Dundas, with a rarity factor of 8. A very nice item. VF.


8¢ Maple Leaf

Lot 1653
Scott 72
Catalogue $625
Realized $950

This little gem was described as VF+ NH and very well centered. But when we turned the image upside down, we found the stamp to be centered a bit to the right. Despite this, the price realized was a very strong one. The record price for this stamp of $1100 was realized at an Eastern sale back in 2010.


3¢ Confederation - Imperforate Pair


Lot 1690
Scott 135a
Catalogue $600
Realized $500

This was a remarkable pair from the left margin side of the sheet. It was VF and ungummed as issued. The price, while less than catalogue, was a strong one.


Canadian OHMS Perfins

Once again, Eastern has presented a strong group of perfins. Here are two examples


Lot 1874
Scott 0246
Catalogue $300
Realized $210

Lot 1878
Scott 0248
Catalogue $300
Realized $210


Canadian Pre-Cancels


Lot 2180
Scott T-75-O
Catalogue $125
Realized $110

Lot 2199
Scott T-88-D
Catalogue $125
Realized $135



Lot 2216
Scott U-60 VD
Estimate $400
Realized $350


We know next to nothing about the scarcity and value of these pre-cancelled stamps, but it is clear to us that there are specialists who want them and are willing to bid strongly. The results are very impressive!


Canadian City Precancels

Lot 2457
Scott I-122
Catalogue $200
Realized $190

Lot 2471
Scott 5-92
Catalogue $250
Realized $170


Here again, we are impressed by the demand and strength of the prices. Just compare them to the regular stamp in used condition. Many of these stamps are off centre and have faults. Yet, because of their scarcity and the fact their value is recognized by the more advanced collectors, they attract unusually high prices.

This completes our review of this sale. For further details, please click on the highlights button.


Easter is next sale will be a mail sale to be held on May 29, 2013.

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