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6 March, 2013 - Eastern Auctions Limited

We liked the very sensible comments that accompanied the catalogue for this sale:

“We have never suggested collecting for the sole purpose of financial gain. That would change the fundamental nature of the hobby for most of us. On the other hand it would be unwise not to consider the eventual value of a collection when spending a significant sum of money. Like many other things in life, the popularity of a given country’s stamps seems to go in cycles. So if a new catalogue reflects the decline in the values of a particular country, you might consider this to be an excellent buying opportunity, and begin adding some of that country’s better items to your collection. Possible current examples might well be countries from Western Europe or the United Kingdom.”


7¢ Numeral – Mint Single

Lot 1662
Scott 81
Catalogue $300
Realized $475

What a beauty. It was described as “a choice mint single, XF NH.” It was well centered and came with choice borders. How rare is this stamp which was issued in 1902. In fact, 1,515,000 were issued according to the Post Office. If all those stamps were in the above condition and sold for $475 per stamp, it would result in a total of about $720,000,000. Not bad... wouldn’t Eastern love the commission on that sale!

Of course, we’re being silly. The reason this stamp sold for a price 50% above catalogue is that so few of them have survived in this kind of shape... But we can dream can’t we.


50¢ Edward VII– A bit messy but with unusually large borders

Lot 1688
Scott 95
Catalogue $175
Realized $175

Any philatelist looking at this messy stamp might dismiss it, but we don’t. It is so unusual to find a 50¢ Edward VII with such a large borders fairly well centered. We think it is definitely worth the price paid.


Admirals – NH and VF

Lot 1703
Scott 104
Catalogue $45
Realized $85

Lot 1722
Scott 111
Catalogue $320
Realized $300


Oh, those Admirals! Copies that are NH like these ones are so popular with collectors. When we looked at them, we were sure they would sell for more than they did. So what happened?

We would guess that the bidders did the trick of turning the images upside down, because this is the best method for judging the centering of a stamp. Doing this, we can see that both stamps were centered slightly to the right, otherwise the prices could have been much higher.

1¢ Admiral Coil – Beautifully Cancelled

Lot 1754
Scott 136
Catalogue $87
Realized $55

What an eye catcher this pair is. The date cancel is absolutely perfect. It passed through the mail on March 1, 1939 in Toronto. Maybe it’s just us, but we so admire stamps that have been beautifully cancelled like this. We feel this way about stamps sent in the past and even stamps sent today. Some auctioneers take the time in their current mailings to ask the Post Office clerks to carefully date stamp their envelopes. This is much appreciated by collectors.

Canadian Perfins

Here are more of the types of perfins that Eastern has been offering in recent months:

Lot 1985
Scott 0246
Estimate $250
Realized $230

Lot 1988
Scott 0248
Estimate $250
Realized $165

Such attractive stamps and very nice prices!

Canadian Bar Cancels

As well, many stamps with bar cancels were offered in this sale. Here are 3 examples:

Lot 2310
Scott I-43-O
Estimate $250
Realized $270

Lot 2343
Scott R-45a-D
Estimate $200
Realized $60



Lot 2399
Scott T-78-VD
Estimate $150
Realized $70


We know little about this area of collecting and have been nicely surprised by the demand that exists out there amongst collectors.

This completes our review. For more details of the sale, please click on the highlights button


Easter is next sale will be a mail sale to be held on April 17, 2013.

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