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16 January, 2013 - Eastern Auctions Limited

One thing we noticed about this sale was the strength of the prices for the finer stamps. While no new records were set, in many cases the prices realized were close to previous records. The sale continued Eastern's recent offering of both "Pre-Cancelled stamps" and "Canada City Pre-cancels".

We start off with this beautiful 8¢ Maple leaf:

Lot 1822
Scott 72
Catalogue $625
Realized $948

It was described as VF NH. In the past 10 years, we have recorded the sale of 26 copies of this stamp and of these, only 4 have sold for prices exceeding the above.

Numeral Imperforates


Lot 1825
Unitrade 75vi
Catalogue $900
Realized $525

Lot 1827
Unitrade 79ii
Catalogue $900
Realized $525



Lot 1831
Unitrade 82ii
Catalogue $900
Realized $525

These ungummed imperforates appear regularly at auction and, for some reason, don’t sell for anywhere near their catalogue values. If they were the gummed variety, they would sell for a great deal more and, not surprisingly, there seem to be far fewer of these. Nonetheless, ungummed imperforates are beautiful and collectors seem happy to bid on them.


20¢ Edward VII - A Remarkable Used Copy

Lot 1852
Scott 94
Estimate $100
Realized $160


For a stamp with a $50 Scott catalogue value, this stamp certainly justified Eastern's description as "a spectacular used single with large margins and a CDS postmark."

We have noticed some noticeably high prices for outstanding "used stamps" in recent years, especially in the period from 1897 to 1908. We are happy this is happening, as well centered, nicely cancelled stamps from this period are not only rare, but they are pleasing to look at and deserve recognition.

2¢ Wildflower - Printed on Gum

Lot 1976
Scott 707a
Catalogue $950
Realized $800

The above price may not seem too exciting, but it is the second best per our records. Since 2008, we have only noted two other copies coming to auction. One sold for $450 and the other for $625. Eastern noted, “Less than 150 of this major error are known".

61¢ Timber Wolf - Perforate Variety

Lot 1995
Scott 1175a
Catalogue $85
Realized $50

The regular 61¢ timber wolf, perf 14½ x 14, has a catalogue value of $1.25. This variety, per 13, has a catalogue value of $85. Quite a difference! But it sold for well less than catalogue and this deserves comment.

This stamp comes from the set that was used during the 1987 – 91 period. It has a good number of perf varieties. We noted that a large number of these appear regularly at auction as singles and blocks, but the market does not recognize their rarity as yet. But, we believe their day will come and encourage collectors to acquire them while the prices are low and they are readily available.


Here are a few of the many stamps with pre-cancels that appeared in the sale.

Lot 2420
Scott R-34-D
Estimate $200
Realized $210

Lot 2424
Scott R-39
Catalogue $150
Realized $75


Lot 2440
Scott S-42-D
Estimate $175
Realized $85

Lot 2442
Scott S-44c
Catalogue $150
Realized $110

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Eastern’s next sale will be a public auction taking place in Halifax on February 22, 2013

(It will feature an outstanding mint copy of the 12 Penny Black)

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