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28 November, 2012 - Eastern Auctions Limited

This auction, which took place in November, was Eastern's eighth and final mail sale for 2012. In the introduction to the auction catalogue, the following interesting comments were made:

“We continue to strive for excellence and attempt to improve our catalogues with each issue. For instance you have likely noted that all of our photos are now in colour. Sometimes a typo or an oversight may sneak in of course, so be sure to contact us if you see one. We are always grateful as it shows us that the lot descriptions are being read and our efforts to correctly describe each lot are being held to high standards. Every question and every letter is appreciated."

It is comments like this that make collectors happy to deal with Eastern. The auction house also noted:

"Collectors of Canadian Precancels will note that this is the first of four catalogues featuring many hundreds of items from the Rev. Izzett – H. G. Walburn collection. The breadth of material offered far exceeds anything we have seen offered in a very long time and should provide much excitement for all collectors of this very popular area."


We start off with this 7¢ VF NH Edward VII:

Lot 1675
Unitrade 92iii
Catalogue $1,400
Realized $747

Where might this stamp have come from and why is there no hinge mark? It probably came from a block from which the owner separated this nice unhinged copy. It is the "straw" colour variety as opposed to the regular "olive bistre" colour.


1¢ Admiral Coil


Lot 1724
Scott 123
Catalogue $250
Realized $245

This is one of the earliest and most valuable of the Admiral coils. The above copy had good perforations, but was centered slightly to the left; otherwise the price will likely have been higher. Still it is a most attractive copy.


43¢ QEII - Imperforate Pair

Lot 1885
Unitrade 1358ai
Catalogue $775
Realized $518


We can still remember the excitement back in the 1990s when these QEII imperforates were discovered. Is this pair rare? It certainly is as, according to Eastern, only 50 pairs are known.


45¢ Christmas Stamp - Perf. Variety

Lot 1903
Scott 1764b
Catalogue $425
Realized $250

Here’s a stamp that definitely captures your attention. Its perforations are different from the regular stamp. They are 13½x13 versus the regular 13. Big deal you might say! But the regular stamp has a 90¢ catalogue value versus the above $425 for the variety.

This stamp appears fairly regularly at auction and the prices realized have seldom exceeded its catalogue value.



Here are some of the many OHMS stamps in the sale:

Lot 2057
Scott OA194
Catalogue $525
Realized $530


Lot 2069
Scott OA211
Catalogue $97
Realized $80

Lot 2070
Scott OA212
Catalogue $112
Realized $55




Finally, here are a few of the many pre-cancelled stamps that were offered in the sale:


Lot 2264
Scott R-42-D
Catalogue $150
Realized $115


Lot 2505
Catalogue $150
Realized $115

Lot 2506
Scott 2-92-1
Catalogue $300
Realized $260

We were impressed by how broad this collection was and the strength of the prices. This seems to be an expanding area of collecting judging from recent auctions.

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Eastern’s next sale will be a public sale taking place in Halifax on February 23, 2013

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