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29 August, 2012 - Eastern Auctions Limited

It occurred to us, as we began this write up, that the concerns we have had about the economy and its impact on collecting, have quietly calmed down during the past month. How could this be?

In the United States, the recent Republican and Democrat conventions have caught everyone’s attention. The speeches have, for the most part, been positive with lots of promises. All of a sudden, politicians are smiling and audiences on TV are full of enthusiasm. Good news is coming out of Europe and just this past week, the stock market turned unusually positive.

All of this could change tomorrow, as it has time to time again in the past four years. But for the moment, the extreme worries have diminished and people are in a hopeful mood.

Of course this hasn’t translated into better prices for stamps. This never happens quickly if it happens at all. But at least, this could be the start of a change in a positive direction.

We start off our review with this interesting 6p Albert. It is the greenish gray shade as opposed to the regular slate gray. Both shades have the same catalogue value. We liked its full margins and the interesting cancel which consisted of a four ring numeral “27”. It surprised us that it attracted such a relatively low winning bid


Lot 1514
Scott 5b
Catalogue $1,500
Realized $900


6¢ Small Queen


Lot 1611
Scott 43
Catalogue $190
Realized $132


We found this little treasure so beautiful. It was centered to the right and lightly hinged. We envy the new owner.




Lot 1648
Scott 56
Catalogue $300
Realized $350

Lot 1677
Scott 65
Catalogue $3,900
Realized $2,250


These two interesting Jubilees were included in the sale. The first, the 8¢ Jubilee, was the usual type of VF NH stamp that collectors are so keen to bid on. The second was a $5 Jubilee in NH condition. How often does a sale contain such a high value stamp in this condition? Unfortunately it was centered to the upper right and had a fingerprint on the gum.

Just imagine if the above $5 stamp had been NH and centered. In 2010, such a copy did appear at auction and sold for $10,000. We’re pleased to see this $5 stamp attracted a price as high as it did. The new owner can proudly boast of having a $5 NH Jubilee. How many of us can say that!

Valuable Stamps a Bit Off Centre


We now look at a few stamps that are NH, rare and that come from two sets that are popular with collectors. We wondered how they would do at this auction even though they were a bit off centre. Here are the results:


Lot 1739
Scott 101
Catalogue $500
Realized $475


Lot 1768
Scott 113
Catalogue $110
Realized $115

Lot 1769
Scott 115
Catalogue $80
Realized $95



Lot 1779
Scott 123
Catalogue $250
Realized $325


The results surprised us. The prices realized were stronger than we were expecting and we’re glad to see this. What it says is that the rarity factor prevailed in the bidder’s mind. It prevailed over the perfect centering we all look for.


50¢ Bluenose - Imperforate pair

Lot 1815
Scott 158a
Catalogue $1,150
Realized $830


Unlike the above Admirals that were a bit off centre, this Imperforate pair was perfectly centered and VF NH. What more could you ask for. Someone quietly entered into this sale and ran away with quite a bargain. Imagine buying a 50¢ Bluenose Imperforate pair for only 72% of catalogue!

This is what we find so interesting about auctions. You never know when you’re going to get an amazing stamp at a great (i.e. low) price. This is part of what keeps the bidders bidding.

48¢ Year of the Ram


Lot 2015
Scott 1969a
Catalogue $800
Realized $431

You might think this is quite a bargain. The strip of three contains not one but two stamps that are missing their gold inscriptions. Interestingly, the $431 price it sold for is the best price for this strip we have recorded.


U.S.A. Imperforates

We finish our review with these two beautiful stamps from the United States:

(“Plate Proof Block of 12”)

Lot 1278
Scott 1789P
Catalogue $850
Realized $150

(“Gutter Vertical Pair”)

Lot 1283
Scott 2754
Catalogue $425
Realized $325


The prices weren’t much, but that doesn’t take away from the attractiveness of the stamps.

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Eastern’s next sale will be a public auction to be held in Halifax in October.

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