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18 July, 2012 - Eastern Auctions Limited

The strength of this auction can be found in its imperforates, coils, OHMS perfins, postal covers and revenues. It was described by Eastern as the largest sale in some time. This was good news for collectors.

We start off with two of Canada’s early stamps, both nicely centered.

Lot 1856
Unitrade 82ii
Estimate $400
Realized $346


Lot 1864
Scott 99 NH
Catalogue $190
Realized $280


This is followed below by one of our favorite Canadian stamps. It has, unfortunately, never attracted much attention from collectors.

RCMP Imperforate

Lot 1947
Scott 614a
Catalogue $425
Realized $373

We like this stamp because of its beautiful colours and because it features an RCMP officer in full uniform on his horse. It was issued to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. In the past two years, this variety has sold at prices ranging from $100 to $500, a noticeably broad range!


Antique Mandora – Triple Variety

Lot 1962
Unitrade 878i
Catalogue $2,000
Realized $1,035


Here is another variety that trades regularly. It is printed on the gum side and is missing its inscriptions and tagging. The stamp was issued in 1981 in connection with a rare musical instrument exhibition held in Vancouver. Prices for this stamp have ranged from $367 to well over $1000, so the above price is a strong one.


52¢ & 90¢ Unissued stamps


Lot 1994
Unitrade 1534ii
Catalogue $200
Realized $90

Lot 1995
Unitrade 1535ii
Catalogue $600
Realized $310


These two stamps are unusual in that they were printed in anticipation of a rate increase that was never approved. They cannot be considered to be rare as they appear regularly at auction. In terms of pricing, the 52¢ stamp achieved a top price of $250 back in 2005 and a low of $42 in 2009. In general, it has sold in recent years for an average of $130 which is below its Unitrade value.

Similarly, the 90¢ had a high of $430 in 2004 and a low of $175 the same year. The average price at auction in recent years is around $300. There seems to be more demand for the 90¢ than for the 52¢.

47¢Year of the Snake


Lot 2009
Scott 1883a
Catalogue $1,600
Realized $600


This is one of the Chinese New Year stamps that contains not one but two varieties. It is missing the gold colour and the tagging. Although, according to Eastern, only four sheets of 25 were found, the stamp does not seem to be scarce. In recent years, it has appeared regularly at auction with prices ranging from $500 to $1,000.

The price for the variety peaked in 2001 at a high of $1,350 and is now averaging around $750.

Canadian Perfins ("OHMS")

The sale contained a large number of perfins. This is an area of collecting that seems to be quite active these days, judging from the large number that have appeared in recent auctions. Here are a few examples:

Lot 2119
Scott OA200
Catalogue $150
Realized $175

Lot 2160
Scott OA 246
Catalogue $300
Realized $180

Lot 2168
Scott OA 248
Catalogue $300
Realized $170



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Eastern’s next sale will be a Public Auction taking place in October 2012

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