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30 May, 2012 - Eastern Auctions Limited

This Eastern auction contained much excellent material. We noticed the sale of a number of Large Queens without gum, Small Queens with unusually large borders and some Jubilees that are well centered and with no hinge marks.

Large Queens - Without Gum


Lot 1580
Scott 22
Catalogue $750
Realized $625

Lot 1599
Scott 25
Catalogue $1,900
Realized $1,550

Lot 1600
Scott 26
Catalogue $1,600
Realized $600

With the emphasis these days on stamps with full unblemished and unhinged gum, it is interesting to sometimes look at how stamps like the above, have done at auction.

Each of the above stamps came without gum. Normally stamps like this will attract little interest. But for these early Canadian stamps, the bidders came up with what we consider fairly strong prices. Perhaps it's simply a question of supply and demand and the fact there are just so few really nice copies like these, gum or no gum.

Some time ago we looked at the prices that collectors have paid in the past for Canada's early ungummed stamps. See our review of these stamps in our Commentary No. 56 which appeared on this site on February 17, 2004. While most of the examples in that commentary predate the Large Queens’ issue, this could be changing. We’ll keep an eye on this.

Small Queens - Unusually Large Borders


Lot 1638
Scott 36
Catalogue $2.25
Realized $27


Lot 1640
Scott 36
Catalogue $2.25
Realized $57

Lot 1650
Scott 41
Catalogue $0.75
Realized $60


We note that two of these stamps came with very light cancels while the other one had a very heavy Toronto “1”numeral cancellation. In early used stamps, centering and large margins can bring huge premiums like the above. But so does a special cancellation like the one found a lot 1640.

Eastern put high estimates on each of these stamps with their unusually large margins, but the bidders came in below these estimates in each case. But are these stamps really that rare? We think so and agree with Eastern’s estimates even though they were not met.

Nicely Centered Jubilees

Lot 1686
Scott 53
Catalogue $45
Realized $ 75

Lot 1687
Scott 54
Catalogue $160
Realized $260


Lot 1692
Scott 56
Catalogue $300
Realized $325


These Jubilees certainly deserve to receive prices that are well above catalogue. This is not surprising, as the Jubilee issue is definitely one of the most popular of the early sets which consistently receive solid bids. We admire the beauty of this set and think it is such a shame that Canada Post’s recent $2 stamp that was issued to honor Queen Elizabeth is not nearly as attractive. It had a similar design but definitely not a similar beauty. Pity !


Modern Varieties

"Printed on gum"
"Double impression"

Lot 2052
Scott 1165c
Catalogue $120
Realized $76

Lot 2053
Scott 1165d
Catalogue $ 275
Realized $95


Most Canadian stamp auctions these days have a strong offering of modern varieties, so we thought we'd end up with these two. These varieties appear fairly regularly at auction and, judging from the prices realized, are not in great demand.

What strikes us about lot 2052 is that some of the more noticeable increases in the new 2013 Scott catalogue were for stamps printed on gum. As a result, the successful bidder for lot 2052 may do very well with his or her purchase in the long run. We certainly hope so!

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Eastern has two upcoming sales, a public auction on June 23, 2012 and a mail sale on July 18, 2012


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