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29 February, 2012 - Eastern Auctions Limited

We couldn’t help but notice the presentation folder shown below that was offered in the latest Eastern mail sale. It would be interesting to know who originally received it from the Postmaster and how it passed through various hands until it arrived for sale at an auction house. Eastern noted that when it was originally distributed, it was not made available to the general public.


1927 Presentation Folder

Lot 1802
Estimate $500
Realized $400

The folder contained both the Historical & Confederation sets, plus the 20¢ Airmail stamp of the period, Scott E3. The front and back covers were in red leather with gold embossing.

Outstanding Small Queens

Lot 1813
Scott 36 LH
Estimate $150
Realized $140

Lot 1814
Scott 36 Used
Estimate $50
Realized $85


We certainly get excited when we see Small Queens with big borders like this that are so well centered. Such stamps are exceedingly rare.

Scott’s catalogue puts a value of $2.25 on a used copy of the 2¢ Small Queen and $75 on a mint copy. So to see copies selling for $140 and $85 clearly shows the premium collectors are willing to pay for such outstanding, examples. We are happy to see this kind of respect for stamps that clearly deserve it.


3¢ Small Queens - Mini Collection

Lot 1729
Scott 37 & 41
Estimate $275
Realized $225


This lot contained over 1100 3¢ Small Queens in a stock book. More specifically, the collection was made up of Scott 37 and 41 stamps. Only a few were dated, but overall the stamps were clean with many VF examples.

We noted that lot 1737 (not shown above) was a similar collection. It contained 75 copies of Scott 17, the 1¢ rose of 1859. It sold for $280 against an estimate of $425.


43¢ Commonwealth Games – Silver Instead of Gold

Lot 2006
Unitrade 1520ai
Catalogue $1,000
Realized $586

This variety reminds us of a demotion in the standings of an athletic competition. The inscriptions in the stamp are silver instead of gold. Something must have happened in the production process. Was it intentional or a mistake? We always ask ourselves this question when we see a variety like this.

We have recorded 12 copies of this variety since it first appeared at auction in 2006, with prices ranging from $254 to $625. The price above is the second best price on record.


46¢ Year of the Rabbit – Red Color Missing


Lot 2023
Unitrade 1767i
Catalogue $1,250
Realized $713


It may be our imagination, but there seem to be a good number of varieties in these Canadian stamps that celebrate the Chinese New Year. As the varieties become more expensive, they tend to attract more attention. At a recent meeting of our local stamp club in Montreal, mention was made of the increased demand for the Press Sheets of the New Year’s series. I’ll have to keep an eye on this.


OHMS Perfins

The sale featured about 135 lots of OHMS perfins. Most were used and some of them were well centered and beautifully cancelled. We show two below as examples.


Lot 2141
Scott OA193
Catalogue $112
Realized $75

Lot 2152
Scott OA198
Catalogue $175
Realized $170


The premium given to these perfins is quite extraordinary. As regular used stamps, the two shown above would have a combined Scott catalogue value of $10. But with the OHMS, their value at auction was $245.

This completes our comments on this sale. For more details, please click on the highlights button.



Eastern's next sale will be a mail sale and will be held on April 11, 2012.


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