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18 January, 2012 - Eastern Auctions Limited

We are always fascinated by the early Cents Issue and the attempts by the Post Office authorities of the day to save money by attempting to get as many stamps printed on a sheet as possible. This made centering those stamps very difficult. As a result, to find a perfectly centered stamp from this era is rare. Here are some examples from this sale with the usual centering:


"Full imprint at left"

Lot 1633
Unitrade 14vii
Catalogue $150
Realized $75

Lot 1638
Scott 15
Estimate $200
Realized $170


Lot 1641
Scott 15
Catalogue $525
Realized $815

Lot 1654
Scott 20a
Catalogue $350
Realized $161


As can be seen, the bidders were somewhat cautious with the stamps that were not well centered, even those that were rare varieties.


Scott 15a - Single Imperforate

Lot 1644
Scott 15a
Estimate $500
Realized $215

As most collectors know, imperforate stamps are usually collected in pairs. This helps ensure that a stamp that looks imperforate is not simply a regular stamp with its perforations trimmed. As well, most imperforates are almost always collected in mint form and in very fine condition.

Stamps like the one shown above which is a single, not a pair, break the mold. Yet, because they are so unusual, there is a fascination about them amongst collectors. This one was a single, it was cancelled and had a small tear. Eastern added an appropriate caution in its description, “sold as it is, but looks genuine.” Finally, it put an estimate of $500 on it and noted that a normal mint pair would catalogue at $17,500.

In the end, it sold for $215. Two other singles sold in the past for prices of $1050 and $1100 respectively. They were both in mint condition and were the only copies of this variety to appear at auction in the past 15 years.

Scott 44d – Mint Imperforate Pair

Lot 1663
Scott 44d
Catalogue $800
Realized $750

By way of contrast, here is a beautiful Imperforate pair of the 8¢ Small Queen in VF condition. It had no gum which is not unusual and sold for close to catalogue price.

OHMS & Lathework Stamps

An interesting feature of the Canadian section of this sale was the appearance of a number of OHMS “perfin” stamps and also a few Admirals with lathework attached.

Lot 1722
Scott OA107
Estimate $150
Realized $65

Lot 1757
Scott 122
Catalogue $360
Realized $350


Lot 1928
Scott 0246 NH
Catalogue $250
Realized $260


Lot 2030
Scott OA210
Catalogue $225
Realized $185

Lot 2035
Scott OA215
Estimate $400
Realized $350


We were impressed by the strength of the prices realized. There must be a solid group of collectors out there who are interested in this type of material and prepared to bid strongly. We are happy to see this.

Admiral Coil

Lot 1759
Scott 123
Catalogue $250
Realized $325


We finished with a look at a stamp from one of Canada’s favourite sets, the Admiral set. Any time a well centered NH copy from this set appears at auction, it will usually attract a strong price.

Amongst the Admiral coils, the two with the highest catalogue values are Scott 123 and 124. The above copy of Scott 123, while not perfect, had strong qualities and was VF NH. A close inspection of the image on the internet showed it to be a good clean copy with a nice dark green colour. The perfs. at the bottom left are a bit short and the image is centered slightly to the right. But it was a good enough copy to attract a price 30% above catalogue and that’s impressive.

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