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22 October, 2011 - Eastern Auctions Limited

On October 21st and 22nd, Eastern offered three separate auctions to collectors. The first two were specialized collections of the Map stamp of 1898 and the Quebec Tercentenary set of 1908. The third, which is covered in this review, was a general auction featuring foreign, British North American and Canadian Pre-Cancels and Revenues. The material offered was of special interest to advanced collectors and specialists.

We start off with the well known plate proof of one of Canada's best known stamps which is so beautiful:


Lot 1488
Unitrade 3Pi
Catalogue $2,500
Realized $1,900


While beautiful, this stamp is not rare. We counted 68 copies sold in the past 10 years at prices ranging from $825 to $1,940. The above price is a strong one though, probably reflecting the fact the stamp comes from the edge of the sheet and has a wide margin.


3p Beaver - Re-entry

Lot 1496
Unitrade 4viii
Catalogue $2,000
Realized $1,700


We looked carefully but could not find a previous copy of this variety, re-entry position 33, pane A, in our records. It is mint but has no gum.


Beautifully Cancelled Queen


Lot 1520
Scott 9
Catalogue $3,500
Realized $1,050


While this beautiful piece did not capture the bidders' interest, judging from the price, we think it is very special. The stamp had a tiny corner crease, but in a philatelic item like this, this shouldn't matter. The stamp was tied by a four ring numeral cancellation to a small piece with a clear London Paid, July 6, 1859 receiver postmark in red. Eastern notes this was a "late usage" as it was during the first week of the decimal period. The piece came from the well known collection of Alfred Caspary.


5¢ Beaver - "Leaping Fish" Variety


Lot 1539
Unitrade 15ix
Catalogue $750
Realized $2,500

Here is another variety for which we have no record. It is the "Leaping Fish" plate variety found in position 54. As Eastern notes, it is seldom one sees a rare stamp like this looking so nice. The price that resulted says it all.


1¢ Large Queen - Laid Paper


Lot 1581
Scott 31
Estimate $5,000
Realized $6,000

What a beautiful copy of the 1¢ Large Queen on laid paper. It certainly is a rare stamp. We haven't recorded another copy since 1996, some 15 years ago. That's a long time to wait for someone who wants to complete their Large Queen set. The catalogue value for this stamp in mint condition is $22,500. Eastern put an estimate of only $5,000 on this copy because of a number of faults.


1¢ Small Queen - Rare Numeral Cancel


Lot 1586
Scott 35
Estimate $150
Realized $400


We must confess we have no idea why anyone would want to pay $400 for this stamp which has a catalogue value of only $1.10. The clue is in the four-ring '807' cancellation. Eastern notes these are very rare as only 3 examples have been reported.


1¢ Small Queen - VF NH Orange 11 1/2 x 12


Lot 1589
Scott 35d
Catalogue $350
Realized $1,300


Most Small Queens are perf. 12. This one is the rare perf. 11 1/2 x 12. It is a beauty, VF NH and well centered. It tied the previous record price set back in 2006. What a beauty!

3¢ Small Queen - Amazing!


Lot 1605
Scott 41
Catalogue $60
Realized $850


The former owner of this stamp will probably be very happy to have sold it for such a high price, in fact, a new record price. But a year from now, he or she will remember the pride of owning such an unusually fine copy and dream of owning it again!

It was just a 3¢ Small Queen of which there are many. but few are XF NH and have such huge margins and are centered to this degree. This must be one of the treasures of this sale. To our surprise, another copy sold for $800 in 2007. We are impressed when a stamp sells for double or triple catalogue but to sell for well over 10 times is truly remarkable! Our hats off to the new owner.

6¢ Overprint - Missing One Surcharge

Lot 1734
Scott C3d
Catalogue $950
Realized $600


It surprised us that we had no previous record of this variety, a horizontal pair of the 6c overprint, missing the surcharge on the right hand stamp. It was not well centered and was hinged. Nonetheless, it is a rare stamp and sold for a good price.



The sale contained a large collection of individual stamps with different types of precancels. Here are a few of them:

Lot 1274
Unitrade 5-35-V
Estimate $200
Realized $230

Lot 1279
Unitrade T-56-V
Catalogue $300
Realized $325


Lot 1287
Unitrade U-60-VD
Catalogue $300
Realized $260


Fancy Cancels

It also contained a most interesting group of fancy cancels.

Lot 1419
Unitrade 36i
Estimate $100
Realized $170

Lot 1424
Unitrade 35ii
Estimate $75
Realized $120


Lot 1433
Scott 41
Estimate $250
Realized $290

Lot 1442
Scott 40
Estimate $150
Realized $230

These stamps came from the collection of a number of well known collectors including George Hicks and Fred Jarrett.

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This sale had 6 new record prices:

Previous NRP
3d - re-entry (psn. 33)
5c Beaver
1c L.Q. on laid paper


3c S.Q.
6c overprint
6c overprint


Eastern’s next sale will take place on November 23, 2011.

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