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31 August, 2011 - Eastern Auctions Limited

As our viewers will see, the two areas of this auction that drew our attention were the very unusual Small Queen varieties and also the stamps of China that seem to generate so much international interest these days.

Here are the Small Queen varieties:


“Jumbo, LH, offset on back”
“2 rows of vertical perfs. “

Lot 1903
Scott 34
Estimate $100
Realized $105

Lot 1904
Scott 34
Estimate $125
Realized $110

“Super misperf.“

Lot 1909
Scott 36
Estimate $100
Realized $220


“Extra horizontal perf.”
“Vertical misperf. “

Lot 1910
Scott 36
Estimate $100
Realized $120

Lot 1911
Scott 36
Estimate $200
Realized $180



Scott 159 - An Outstanding Copy



Lot 2069
Scott 159
Estimate $150
Realized $170


We think this beautifully dated copy is a real treasure and acknowledge with great appreciation the post office clerk, working quietly at his counter back in 1929, who took the trouble and had the good taste to cancel this stamp so carefully.


“White” Varieties

Here are 2 well known varieties that are missing their normal colours with the result that their backgrounds are just plain white:

Lot 2198
Scott 716c
Catalogue $1,500
Realized $700

Lot 2206
Scott 924c
Catalogue $1,200
Realized $750


Stamps of China

This sale had 134 lots from the People’s Republic of China, including a good number of their popular souvenir sheets. Here’s how 4 of them did:


Lot 3441
Scott 1518
Catalogue $3,250
Realized $2,500


Lot 3445
Scott 1541
Catalogue $700
Realized $420


Lot 3450
Scott 1586
(slight offset on gum)
Catalogue $1,950
Realized $1,675


Lot 3469
Scott 1761
Catalogue $290
Realized $251


We plan to keep an eye on these Chinese stamps sold in Canada to see the trends that develop. We will also watch sales of the stamps of India. If you are wondering why, it’s because of the reports we are receiving of the tremendous interest stamp collecting is enjoying in these two countries these days. Such interest could well encourage collecting in countries internationally, including Canada.

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Eastern's next sale is a mail auction to be held on October 5, 2011.

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