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8 June, 2011 - Eastern Auctions Limited

Our review of this spring mail sale starts off with this lovely block of 4 of the 1/2¢ Numeral stamp issued in 1898:


Lot 2153
Scott 74
Catalogue $72
Realized $93

This is a good example of a block that is well centered as a block, but where the individual stamps are not as well centered. This probably means it will remain a block in the hands of the new owner which makes sense. It's interesting to compare the number of stamps issued for the 1/2¢ vs. the 1¢. For the 1/2¢, 6,800,000 stamps were issued. For the 1¢, 313,900,000 stamps were issued. Despite this, the 1/2¢ has a Scott value of only $18, while the 1¢ has a value of $70.

4¢ Medallion


Lot 2287
Scott 198
Catalogue $100
Realized $80

This 4¢ is the most valuable stamp in the 1932 Medallion set. Finding copies as nice as the above has never been easy. This VF NH copy went for a most reasonable price when you consider that back in 2009 another one went for $141.

1935 Silver Jubilee Imperforates


Lot 2302
Scott 212a
Catalogue $425
Realized $350

Lot 2303
Scott 214a
Catalogue $425
Realized $365

We hope all our viewers have seen " The King's Speech", one of the best movies we have seen in a long time. It starts off with the sudden abdication of King Edward VIII, shown in Scott 214a above, and the enthronement of King George VI, shown in Scott 212a. Looking back at these two young men, it's amazing to think of all the things that would happen subsequently in their lives.

Although both copies were VF NH, they went for surprisingly low prices.


8¢ Telephone - Imperforate Plate Block


Lot 2378
Scott 641a
Catalogue $5,750
Realized $2,213

What an attractive Imperforate plate block this is! The stamp was issued in 1974 to mark the centenary of the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell. This is the fourth plate block of this stamp we have recorded, with prices ranging from $1,700 to $3,750. The above price is on the low side presumably owing to the fact that there was a tiny inclusion on the gum side.

The “A” Coil Stamp

Lot 2394
Scott 908a
Catalogue $400
Realized $400

This rare imperforate pair of the “A” stamp has never been overly popular with collectors for reasons that are hard to understand. The price for an imperforate pair hit a low of $185 in 2008 but has been slowly climbing since then. The previous best price was $358 in 2004, and now we have a new one at $400.

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This sale had 1 new record price:


Previous NRP
"A" stamp imperforate pair


Eastern's next sale is a mail auction to be held on July 20, 2011.

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