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6 November, 2010 - Eastern Auctions Limited

What an interesting auction from Eastern. It contained pages of specialized material for the advanced collector, pages of early Beavers, Alberts and Victorias, showing plate positions, cancellations and shade variations. Also for the specialists were proofs from the Jubilee and Quebec Tercentenary sets and pages of essays. The bidders were not slow to respond.


Small Queens – Jim Hennok Fancy Cancels

We must admit we have a thing for the fancy cancels found on Canada’s early stamps. It would seem the local postmasters were given considerable latitude in designing them. These stamps obviously had a fascination for the late Jim Hennok, the well-known Toronto dealer who for many years ran auctions himself. He formed an outstanding collection.

Eastern set aside 53 pages of its auction catalogue to display Jim’s collection. When stamps are presented like this, they attract serious collectors like bees to honey. Here are a few of the interesting examples we noted:


Lot 176
Estimate $200
Realized $375

Lot 178
Estimate $250
Realized $575


Lot 182
Estimate $200
Realized $450

Lot 183
Estimate $200
Realized $575


Lot 245
Estimate $250
Realized $650

Lot 289
Estimate $250
Realized $550


Not all the stamps in this collection sold for more than their estimates, but these certainly did. Other recent auctions have shown the current popularity of this area of collecting.

Scott 3 – A Sperati Forgery


Lot 474
Scott 3
Estimate $ 5,000
Realized $5,750


This wasn’t any old forgery, it was a Sperati forgery. According to Eastern, it was the well documented and sole attempt by Jean de Sperati to make a copy of one of Canada’s most renowned stamps. He apparently did it by using a plate proof and removing the “specimen” over print and then adding fake concentric ring cancels in black. It last sold in 1998 at a Hennok auction where it realized $4600, including buyer’s premium.


Scott 20b - Rare Imperforate Block


Lot 575
Scott 20b
Catalogue $7,000
Realized $4,500

Eastern states that fewer than six blocks of 4 are known to exist and here is one of them. It had three nice borders and came with no gum, as issued. We have recorded only one sale of a block like this in the past 10 years and it sold for $4250 at a 2007 Eastern sale. So this is a new record price.


Tête-Bêche Block of 12

Lot 616
Scott 77e
Catalogue $15,000
Realized $13,000

The above block consists of two Imperforate booklet panes arranged in tête-bêche fashion. It came with a sheet margin on each side and was ungummed as issued. It was in excellent condition.

Our records for this beautiful pane go back 36 years. Of the 10 examples recorded, four of them had thins. This is the fourth one to sell for over $13,000 with the best price being $13,750 back in 2006.


1938 Pictorial Set – Imperforate Pairs


Lot 702
Scott 241b–245b
Catalogue $4,250
Realized $3,750

This is the 10th set of Imperforate pairs of this set to sell in the past 10 years. Prices have ranged all over because some of the sets had damage to the $1.00 stamp. One set sold for $1,800 in 2006 and another for $3,248 in 2008. The above price is another new record.

30¢ QEII – Missing Black Inscriptions


Lot 711
Unitrade 791iv
Catalogue $3,000
Realized $1,350


The Unitrade catalogue states the following concerning this variety: “Two copies reported with inscriptions completely missing.”

In the above strip, the left stamp has the inscriptions completely missing and the second stamp from the left has the denomination missing. Eastern states that this is the first example of this variety they can recall offering at auction. It’s a first for us as well as we have no record of one being sold at auction. Whoever bought it got a very rare stamp at a very reasonable price.


Officially Sealed – Dead Letter Office


Lot 752
Unitrade OX2
Catalogue $1,950
Realized $4,750


It’s wonderful to see an auctioneer really get excited about a stamp they are offering for sale. Here is how Eastern described the above stamp:

“An absolute gem in mint never hinged condition – in the highest possible quality one can possibly find on this rare stamp. Hardly worth reminding that catalogue value is irrelevant. Without question this is a finest known mint example.”

We can only agree with this description. Our comments about this amazing stamp are recorded in our recent Commentary No. 137, dated November 17, 2010.

What a wonderful sale. For more details, please click on the highlights button.



This sale had 6 new record prices:

Scott No.
Previous NRP
2¢ Victoria Imperf. block
1¢ Numeral imperf. pair
20¢ Admiral - wet printing
2¢ Admiral Coil - single
10¢ - $1 Pictorial set imperf.
Officially Sealed on Blue Paper



Eastern’s next sale is a Mail Sale to be held
on November 24, 2010.

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