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6 October, 2010 - Eastern Auctions Limited

It’s not often one of these Canadian War Savings stamps are offered at auction, but they are so striking, they always catch our attention. These types of stamps were issued during the First and Second World Wars as a means of allowing citizens to help support the war effort financially.


Lot 3139
Scott FWS2
Catalogue $1,100
Realized $517


This stamp, issued in 1919, had some perforation flaws at the top and was unused with no gum, all of which probably explains the low price. Still, as a beautifully engraved stamp, we find it most interesting to look at.


1¢ Small Queen



Lot 1847
Scott 35b
Catalogue $475
Realized $375

This pair came without gum. A review of our pricing records over the past 10 years shows 13 pairs, and of these, 4 had no gum. Those with no gum usually sold for less than those with gum, so the above results should not be surprising.


The 8¢ Maple Leaf


Lot 1912
Scott 72
Catalogue $625
Realized $725

This relatively high price surprised us. In the past five years, Scott 72 stamps in VF NH condition have sold for prices ranging from $500 to $1100, which is a large spread. But these have been well centered copies. This one is centered to the right. The results shows us how hard it is to obtain a copy of what Eastern calls “this elusive stamp” and how strong the competition is to get one

Admirals – Almost Well Centered

Lot 1989
Scott 116 H
Catalogue $260
Realized $260

Lot 1998
Scott 123 NH
Catalogue $250
Realized $200


It is our experience that the stamps most Canadian collectors have in their collections from the Admiral Set are seldom perfectly centered, and here are two such examples. We often wonder what level of prices will be paid for such stamps, knowing how much they are in demand.

Here are two of the most sought after stamps from the set. The 10¢ is almost well centered, but not quite and although it was hinged, it sold for full catalogue. The 1¢ coil is centered a bit to the right. Even though it was NH, it sold for less than catalogue. It’s hard to generalize from this.


3¢ Jacques Cartier – Gutter Strip of 4


Lot 2115
Unitrade 208iv
Catalogue $800
Realized $425

According to Eastern, approximately 50 sheets containing these wide gutter strips were sold. Post office records show that 12,370,000 copies of this 3¢ stamp were issued. How these 50 sheets got out to the public with these wide gutters is an interesting question. Wish we knew all the details!

Modern varieties

Here are three of the more common modern varieties that were sold in this sale:


Lot 2258
Scott 1165d
Catalogue $275
Realized $80


Lot 2265
Unitrade 1357i
Catalogue $1,000
Realized $260

Lot 2267
Unitrade 1362ii
Catalogue $950
Realized $644


Eastern’s next sale is a Public Auction to be held in Halifax
on November 6, 2010.

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