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25 August, 2010 - Eastern Auctions Limited

As we were preparing the commentary for this sale, some of Eastern’s people were in attendance at the bourse table at Atlantic Canada’s National Show in Dartmouth, N.S. This was a three day show held from September 24 to 26.

We recently had an opportunity to meet Gary Lyons, head of Eastern Auctions and his associate Bill Burden when they came to Montreal on a buying trip. We chatted together for over an hour about the business of buying and selling stamps and it was fascinating. We wish we’d had all day!


Small Queens – Fancy Cancels

We continue to feature stamps with fancy cancels as they seem to be so popular. Take a very common used Queen Victoria 1¢ stamp for example. It has a catalogue value of $1.10, but this stamp is so common, you’d be lucky to get this. But put a “Bogey Face Cancel” on it, and voila, it’s worth $210


"Bogey Face"

Lot 2850
Scott 35
Estimate $200
Realized $210


"Masonic Fancy Cancels"

Lot 2851
Scott 35 & 37
Estimate $350
Realized $475


Shown just above are three “Masonic Fancy Cancels” which attracted a bid well over the estimate.


Small Queen – Perfectly Clear Date Stamp


Lot 2009
Scott 37b
Estimate $75
Realized $125

This 3¢ Small Queen came in the India Red shade and had a most interesting date stamp. The date was October 24, 1870 which was in the year of issue. The postmark shows that the stamp was posted in New Brunswick. We have no idea and why this stamp is so valuable, as there are lots of other 3¢ Small Queens that have nice date stamps. Perhaps one of our viewers who specializes in this area can enlighten us.

Beautiful Quebec Tercentenary Cover


Lot 2971
Scott 96-100
Estimate $350
Realized $325

This lovely cover contained the ½¢ - 7¢ stamps from the Quebec Tercentenary set. It was sent by registered mail from Ontario to Germany via New York and shows six transit markings on the reverse.

1¢ Numeral Imperforate Pair


Lot 2070
Scott 75vi
Estimate $900
Realized $690

This imperforate pair came without gum and had ample borders. The price realized was higher than usual for this pair due to the fact there was a light re-entry mainly in the upper left of the right stamp. It is the third such variety we have recorded in the past 10 years.

39¢ Folklore Imperforate Block


Lot 2393
Scott 1292b
Estimate $2,000
Realized $950

Collectors are quite inconsistent in bidding for this imperforate block, issued in 1990. Eastern notes that only 50 blocks exist. Back in 2002-2003, collectors bid the price up to $2,100 on one occasion, and $1,950 on another. In recent years, the prices have come down to $700 - $800. The above price of $950, while well below catalogue, is reasonably strong compared to other recent prices.

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Eastern’s next sale will take place on October 6, 2010

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