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5 June, 2010 - Eastern Auctions Limited

It must be frustrating for the people at Eastern to look at our reviews of their auctions. Their catalogues usually contain so much more than just Canadian stamps. The one for this sale was packed with all kinds of rare stamps from other countries, Canada’s provinces, topical collections and revenue stamps. However, our mandate is to cover just the Canadian material and so we must stick with it. We start off with this little gem.

10¢ Small Queen

Lot 405
Scott 45a
Catalogue $600
Realized $1,700

A number of the old time collectors must have loved to collect this Small Queen with the plate imprint in the sheet margin. In recent years, 3 similar ones have appeared at auction. The best price to date has been an amazing $4,750, realized at an Eastern sale earlier this year.

50¢ Small Queen – Imperforate Pair


Lot 410
Scott 47a
Catalogue $1,400
Realized $1,350

This was a nice looking pair with full original gum. We’ve been somewhat puzzled by the relatively low prices realized in recent years for both the 20¢ & 50¢ Small Queen imperforates. Only once in the past 10 years has a pair of the 50¢ sold for more than catalogue. Other Small Queens have done way better than this.

2¢ Numeral – Jumbo Borders!


Lot 425
Scott 77
Catalogue $70
Realized $325

This little beauty must have pleased its owners over the years. It was described as XF NH GEM and its margins were enormous. If it had appeared at auction a couple of months ago, we would have been pleased to include it in our Commentary No. 131. That Commentary dealt with Canada’s jumbo stamps and noted the relatively high prices paid for those stamps in recent years….just like this one.


2¢ Edward VII – The Elusive Type 1 Imperforate


Lot 441
Unitrade 90iii
Catalogue $2,200
Realized $1,450

The regular Type II imperforate pairs of this stamp have a Scott value of $45, or say $90 for a block of 4. These pairs come with gum and are printed from Plates 13 & 14. 100,000 of these exist.

The rare Type I imperforate pairs, an example of which is shown above, come without gum and were printed from either Plate 1 or 2. The above block of 4 have a Unitrade value of $2200 and 400 are thought to exist.

The pencil marks between the stamps are well known. They were placed there long ago to identify their position on the sheet and do not detract from the value in any way. Unfortunately, the original code for identifying their position is understood to have been lost.

Our viewers may recall the story that when some of these 2¢ imperforates first appeared on the market, the Post Office got so upset that it issued 100,000 copies to the public to prevent speculation. They certainly were successful. The price for the reissued imperforate stamps printed from Plates 13 & 14 has remained in the doldrums ever since.


2¢ Experimental Coil


Lot 452
Unitrade 106xii
Catalogue $6,000
Realized $8,000

Eastern notes that this paste-up strip “easily ranks among the finest of the very few still in existence. The type C handstamp experimental coil is classified by experts as being one of the top rarities of the King George V ‘Admiral’ issue. “

According to our records, a strip that appears to be the same as this one, sold at an Eastern auction in 2007. The price realized then was $4000. In this sale, it has doubled to $8,000 for a new record price.


“R- GUAGE” Imprint

Lot 458
Unitrade 130aii
Catalogue $1,350
Realized $3,000


Experts of the Admiral set will undoubtedly understand the rarity of above block with the
R-GUAGE imprint. In 2006, 2 similar blocks sold in Eastern’s sale of the amazing Michael Robert’s Collection. They sold for $3,200 and $2,300 respectively.

1¢ Macdonald – Printed on Gum


Lot 489
Scott 586d
Catalogue $600
Realized $850


This stamp is one of the more valuable examples of the “printed on gum” variety. It attracted a new record price in this sale, perhaps because of having the margin attached on the right hand side. The previous best price was $700 and, interestingly, that was also realized in the sale of the Michael Roberts’ collection.

Scott 723Ab – “Ghost Town” Error


Lot 494
Scott 723Ab
Unitrade $50,000
Realized $13,000

Just for the record, this lot was described by Eastern as the only surviving matched set of corner blocks of the famous “Ghost Town” error. Above, we only show one of the 4 blocks that were part of the matched set. It looks as though someone got quite a bargain!

Scott C8i – very rare


Lot 512
Unitrade C8i
Catalogue $500
Realized $700

This is one of only two copies of this rare variety that we have seen. An earlier copy sold at a Maresch sale in 2000. While the above price exceeded catalogue, it is lower than what we would have expected. Unitrade notes that only 10 copies exist. Eastern states that the catalogue value for this stamp is too low and we have to agree.

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This sale had 4 new record prices:

Scott No.
Previous NRP
2¢ Ed. VII - imperf. Type I
2¢ Admiral - experimental coil
1¢ Macdonald - printed on gum
7¢ Airmail - imperf. margin

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