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26 May, 2010 - Eastern Auctions Limited

If there’s one thing we can count on in most Canadian stamp auctions these days, it’s that there will be lots of Maple Leaf and Numeral imperforates. This sale was no different with five pairs trading hands.

Imperforates From the Numeral Set

Lot 1764
Unitrade 82ii
Catalogue $900
Realized $325


Here’s how the others did:


As can be seen, the prices realized are well below their catalogue values. We would call this a good buying opportunity for those with patience. All these pairs were originally issued without gum.

8¢ Arch – Unusual Bottom Tab


Lot 1892
Scott 171 variety NH
Catalogue $75
Realized $35

Eastern noted that the tab at the bottom of this stamp is perforated top and bottom. We don’t know what to make of this, as to have a perforation at the bottom is quite unusual. It implies that there were more stamps or an additional row of tabs attached below. Or it could be someone adding some perforations for fun ! If we had a sheet of the 8¢ in front of us, we could see how normal or unusual this is. In fact a full sheet of Scott 171 was illustrated in Eastern’s sale held on June 18, 2005, and none of the stamps at the bottom of that sheet had a perforated bottom tab like this one.

The 8¢ as the most valuable of the lower denominations stamps in the Arch set. The Scott catalogue value is $55 and Eastern bumped that up to an estimate of $75 because the stamp appeared to be a variety. We certainly agree that this is appropriate. It is, after all, a beautiful looking copy. Whoever got it for only $35 pulled off a real coup. This is something we like to see from time to time as it keeps the bidders on their toes. Congratulations to the successful buyer!


Arch Set – Single Imperforates


Lot 1894
Unitrade 174a-177a
Catalogue $1,250
Realized $850

This was a set of 4 mint imperforate NH singles, each with large margins and bright fresh colors. We don’t recall seeing a similar offering before. If the above stamps had been pairs, they would have had a Scott value of $5,100. It’s surprising how many single imperforates have appeared at auction in the past year.


Perfin Variety


Lot 2230
Unitrade 0234-FZ
Estimate $120
Realized $62

This is the first time we have noticed a perfin OHMS pair with the holes in only one of the stamps. What an interesting variety. Eastern used terms to describe the pair which surprised us. The bottom stamp they called “perforated” on the top stamp “imperforated”. Interesting terminology, which makes sense, of course!

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Eastern’s next auction will be a mail sale, held on July 7, 2010.

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