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3 March, 2010 - Eastern Auctions Limited

Our records for mint copies of Scott 10 go back over 24 years. In this period, 10 copies have been offered at auction, selling at prices ranging from $3,250 to $38,500. That is an unusually wide price range for any stamp, but perhaps not surprising for mint stamps 153 years old that have been handled by numerous collectors.

Eastern offered a lovely copy of this stamp in its recent mail sale:

Lot 1495
Scott 10
Catalogue $18,500
Realized $8,500

They described the stamp as follows:

“10p reddish purple on thick soft paper, a very rare unused single, Greene Foundation certificate which accompanies points out minor repairs and a small facial stuff, rich colour and four margins. Probably less than 10 of this stamp exist unused, a great rarity, missing from virtually all collections.”

The price realized, although less than 50% of catalogue, beats the prices of 5 of the 10 recorded. It also joins 5 others that have no gum.


2¢ Numeral – A Rare Die II Imperforate Pair

Lot 1625
Scott 77d
Catalogue $1,800
Realized $650

To those bidders on the “buying side” of auctions, this was indeed a coup. Sellers like high prices. Auction houses like high prices. Even we like to see higher prices, because they indicate the existence of a strong market.

On the other hand, buyers obviously like low prices, everybody likes a bargain. The above price was a real bargain. The pair was a perfect beauty with 3 large margins at the top and a large sheet margin at the bottom. To buy a rare die II imperforate pair of this stamp at only 1/3 catalogue was a real coup.
This happens to be the second low price for a Scott 77d in 2010 and it represents a major shift in price for a rare stamp in excellent condition. This is something that surprises us.

10¢ Numeral – Imperforate Pair

Lot 1627
Unitrade 83ii
Catalogue $1,250
Realized $425

This pair trades regularly at auction. But like the previous pair, it sold for an unusually low price.

3¢ Admiral Coil

Lot 1677
Scott 129
Catalogue $55
Realized $165

Whew ! The last two stamps did not inspire us. Now we’re into the Admirals and things are back to normal. This single coil sold for 3x catalogue. Do you think this is impressive... not really! Copies have sold for as high as $457. But we like the fact that for a VF NH stamp from the Admiral set, we’re seeing results that are “multiples” of catalogue.

Canada-Thailand Joint issue Stamps

Lot 1865
Scott 2001a var
Estimate $150
Realized $125

These beautiful stamps were issued in 2003 at the time of the Bangkok International Philatelic Exhibition in Thailand. Surprisingly, the above “gutter” pair is not listed in either Scott or Unitrade.

We have only recorded three previous sales of this unlisted variety for prices ranging from $105 to $140. It would be a nice acquisition for any collection.

20¢ Special Delivery – New Record Price

Lot 1915
Scott E3
Catalogue $55
Realized $190


This used to be considered such a common stamp, found in almost all collections. But, few were nicely centered like the one above. We are pleased to see that very fine copies are beginning to get greater respect these days from bidders.

Copies of this stamp were so common, we only began to keep a record of the prices realized for them a year or so ago. You will only see 4 previous prices on our website, ranging from $69 to $95. We know that, in fact, many dozens have sold in the past 10 years, so the few we have recorded cannot be representative. Nonetheless, the $190 realized in this sale, at almost 4 x catalogue, is being treated as a new record price as it is so high.

We believe that this is all part of the greater interest being shown by collectors in Canada’s “Back of the Book” stamps these days. Many record prices have been realized for these stamps in recent years, including a remarkable 23 so far this year.

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This sale had 2 new record prices:

Scott No.
Previous NRP
38¢ Coil - imperforate pair
20¢ Special Delivery

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