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23 January, 2010 - Eastern Auctions Limited

The “Crossings” Collection

It is no easy task to describe an auction of a collection that is as significant as this one. Even before the auction began, we felt compelled to pick up the catalogue on numerous occasions to admire the excellent material.

Let’s just say it contained some of the most beautiful examples of Canadian philately we have seen, and we were not alone judging from the results. The sale resulted in 107 new record prices. This is the most we can recall seeing at any auction since we started keeping records 10 years ago.

We were curious about where the demand came from and were told by Eastern that about 60% of the buyers were Canadian, 25% American and 15% from the rest of the world. Of the 623 lots, 357 sold for more than their full Unitrade value, 93 for more than double, 13 for triple, 6 for quadruple, 1 for 6x and 3 for 8 x. The bidders on the floor, (including telephone bidders), were successful 70% of the time. The auction took 7½ hours compared to the normal 4 hours. So, let’s have a look at some of the results.

Examples of the New Record Prices

Lot 219
Scott 26
NRP $6,250
Prev. NRP $3,500

Lot 221
Unitrade 29ii
NRP $5,250
Prev. NRP $2,900

Lot 230
Unitrade 35viii
NRP $5,500
Prev. NRP $1,600

Lot 242
Scott 45a
NRP $4,750
Prev. NRP $2,865

Lot 264
Scott 62
NRP $7,500
Prev. NRP $5,250

Lot 268
Scott 65
NRP $10,000
Prev. NRP $8,500

Lot 324
Scott 94
NRP $5,250
Prev. NRP $3,750

Lot 326
Scott 95
NRP $4,750
Prev. NRP $3,500

Lot 443
Scott 114a
NRP $5,750
Prev. NRP $4,760

Lot 452
Scott 115a
NRP $4,750
Prev. NRP $2,800

Lot 483
Scott 120b
NRP $8,500
Prev. NRP $4,850

Admiral Lathework

We couldn’t help being impressed by the prices realized for the Admiral stamps with lathework. Here are three beautiful examples, the first two of which are NH:

“Type B inverted lathework”
“ Type C inverted lathework”

Lot 388
Unitrade 108
Catalogue $3,300
Realized $6,000

Lot 399
Unitrade 108ii
Catalogue $4,125
Realized $6,750

“Type D lathework”

Lot 485
Unitrade 120ii
Catalogue $9,000
Realized $11,500

Scott 135 – The best we have seen

Lot 516
Scott 135
Catalogue $47
Realized $160


We envy the lucky bidder who captured this outstanding copy of the 1917 Fathers of Confederation stamp for his collection. Although it was lightly hinged, it had the largest nicely balanced borders we can ever recall seeing. What beauty and what a price at almost 4 x catalogue.

Unusual Varieties

Here are two varieties we have not previously seen:

Lot 536
Unitrade 145iii
Catalogue $1,875
Realized $1,900

Lot 564
Unitrade E2ii
Catalogue $2,000
Realized $2,100

We checked our research records and could not find any previous sales of the above varieties. According to Unitrade, 10 copies of the 145iii variety exist. In the case of the E2ii variety, Unitrade notes that only one copy exists. If this is so, this was a very inexpensive purchase by a lucky bidder.

Back of the Book

There were 20 new record prices for the Back of the Book sets which shows how very popular these stamps have become with collectors. Here are two outstanding examples:

Lot 576
Scott F3
Catalogue $875
Realized $7,500

The previous top price for the above stamp was $3,250 in 2000. In this sale it more than doubled. What an amazing copy. Eastern modestly described it as “A magnificent showpiece and worthy of the finest collection”. We couldn’t agree more!

Lot 619
Unitrade OX1
Catalogue $1,600
Realized $3,500

The previous best price for this stamp of $375 was set earlier this year. The new record is almost 10 times higher. This is the first NH copy we have recorded.

There were 4 Officially Sealed stamps in the sale and 3 of them sold for record prices.

All the stamps in the above report were NH except 2 of them as noted. For more details of the sale, please click on the Highlights button and for details of the 106 new record prices, click on the New Record Prices button.


107 New Record Prices

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