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Commentary No. 171 - 17 October, 2013

Tracking a 6¢ Small Queen Imperforate Block of 20

In this commentary, we track the sale of a rare imperforate block of 20 of the 6¢ Small Queen as it appeared from time to time at private treaty or auction sales over a 36 year period from 1977 to 2013.

R. Maresch & Son - 1977

Back in the 1977, R. Maresch & Son offered this unusual imperforate plate block of 20 in a private treaty sale:

It was described as being creased through the middle as usual, with a negligible tear in left margin only, a showpiece. The price offered was $3,000.

Stanley Gibbons - 1980

Then, 3 years later, on November 18, 1980, what appears to be the same block was offered at auction by Stanley Gibbons in New York. It was described as an OG or NH pane A block of twenty from top of sheet showing Imprint “A” counter and reversed “R” in margin, large margins, creased vertically through Imprint and with small tear in margin only, at left, otherwise fresh and fine. It sold for $8,000.

R. Maresch & Son - 1996

16 years later, on May 14, 1996, the block was back in the hands of R. Maresch & Son who offered it for sale at public auction. It was described as a complete upper sheet margin BLOCK of 20 with full IMPRINT and COUNTER as well as “A” and reversed “R” in brilliant fresh BROWN RED, 16 stamps n.h., light vertical crease in middle (as usual) very fine, PP20 with a “LESSER 5¢ ON 6¢ RE-ENTRY”, VERY RARE and a magnificent SHOWPIECE. It sold for $5,000.


Saskatoon Stamp Center - 2013


Recently, in September 2013, the block was in the hands of The Saskatoon Stamp Center who offered the block in a private treaty sale. It was described as imperforate top margin block of 20 with full BABN Co imprint & “SIX CENTS” Counter.PP20 shows “Weak 5¢ on 6¢ RE-ENTRY” (strong “ARC” in Queen’s Crown). Showpiece! XF 16x NH. The offer price was $19,500.


Concluding Comments

We cannot be absolutely certain that this is the same block being sold on each occasion but the evidence strongly points to this. The images seem to be the same and the descriptions are very similar. We note however that the descriptions did change slightly as this rare block changed hands. We trust that each owner had great pleasure in looking at this block during his or her period of ownership.

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