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Commentary No. 158 - 17 September 2012

Early Canadian Classics – Largest Increases in Value

In the Past 20 years

Every once in awhile, it is instructive to sit back and look at stamp prices over a period of time to see how they are doing relative to one another. We have done a quick survey of the Scott Catalogue prices in the attached schedule, which shows how the early Canadian Classics have done. We ask ourselves not only which stamps have had the most significant increases, but also which stamp prices are increasing the fastest. Particular attention should be paid to these latter stamps as they will get increasingly difficult to obtain because of competition amongst bidders and also because there are so few of them.

This survey only looks at the prices for the mint stamps which, for most of us will be quite theoretical. How many of us can afford to buy a mint stamp from the Classical period. However, we plan to look at other sets in future commentaries as we found this exercise so interesting. These will probably prove more relevant for our viewers as the prices will be more on the range that some collectors can afford.

Largest Increases in Amounts

Scott 3 Scott 2 Scott 1

+$110,000 +$30,000 +$25,000

Scott 5 Scott 13 Scott 13a

+$22,500 +$14,500 +$14,500

Scott 12 Scott 10

+$12,500 +$9,000

Scott 15a



Largest % Increases

Scott 12 Scott 2 Scott 5

+500% +300% +300%

Scott 18 Scott 13 Scott 13a

+289% +264% +264%

Scott 1 Scott 8a

+250% +233%

Scott 15


We hope you have enjoyed this survey and can dream like us of the possibility of some day owning one of these treasures. And, to those who actually own one, hang onto them, they are like gold, so rare and so beautiful... but not nearly so heavy!

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