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Commentary No. 154 - 17 April 2012

Stamps That Consistently Go Up in Value
Part I

It’s hard to believe that some stamps only go up in value each time they are presented at auction. After noticing one of them, we had a careful look through our records of Canada’s early classic stamps and were nicely surprised to find the ones below:

Scott 2
23,580 Firby Jan 24 2004
51,000 Eastern Dec 1 2006
68,900 Spink Nov 19 2009

Scott 5i
Stitch Watermark

3,000 Eastern Dec 1 2006
3,500 Eastern Mar 1 2008
4,369 Bennett Sept 24 2011

Scott 9iii
Stitch Watermark

800 Longley Dec 8 2007
1,240 Vance May 7 2008
3,250 Eastern Jun 14 2008
19,532 Bennett Sept 24 2011

Scott 16
2,100 Brigham Jun 2 2000
7,860 Firby Jan 24 2004
1,0500 Eastern Dec 1 2006

Scott 17viii
Stitch Watermark

900 Eastern Dec 1 2006
1,350 Sparks Jan 13 2009
2,300 Maresch Jun 17, 2011

We only noticed the fact, on reviewing the above five examples, that three had stitch watermarks. This should be of interest in future to the people who prepare catalogues.

We plan to continue this survey in next month’s commentary. Since we haven’t begun to do our research for that Commentary, we look forward to it with great anticipation.

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