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Commentary No. 147 - 17 September 2011

Scott 159a - How Much Will It Sell For ?

The upcoming mail sale of Eastern Auctions on October 5th features a beautiful imperforate pair of the $1.00 Parliament. Here is the image:

Lot 3042
Scott 159a
Catalogue $1,050

This pair was described by Eastern as a pristine fresh vertical Imperforate pair VF NH.

The question we would like to ask you, our viewers, is: How much would you bid for it?

Send your answer to us at and we will see who comes closest to the price actually realized at the auction sale in October 5th.

To give you some help, here are a few statistics:
• In the past 10 years, we have recorded the sale of 23 pairs at auction,
• The best price was $932 in 2007,
• The lowest price was $425 at auctions in 2004, 2005 and 2010.
• Unitrade states that there are 250 pairs of this stamp in existence

With a price range like this, we think that your guess will be as good as anybody’s. An expert will be in no better position than a beginner. We will stick our neck out and guess that the price realized will be $1,000.

What’s the point of the exercise? It’s just to do something a little different. It allows you to imagine that you are sending in a bid but, the nice thing is, you’ll never have to pay. Anyone could be the winner. Please join us and send us your guess.

We conducted a contest like this a year ago at our local stamp club in Montreal. It was great fun and certainly got everyone’s attention. The winner got a chocolate bar. Sending a chocolate bar over the internet would be a challenge, but, with the winner’s permission, we will announce the winner and his winning guess for all to see!

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