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Commentary No. 144 - 17 June, 2011

The New 2012 Scott Catalogue

This will be the third year in which we have seen only a few increases in the catalogue values for Canadian stamps. In its editorial at the beginning of the catalogue, Scott noted that there were a total of 1975 value changes for Canada. This compares to 14,600 value changes for China. Unfortunately, one would have to look long and hard to find any increases that were meaningful. We show a few below but they are not at all representative of the overall picture.

1851 to 1926

In the first 75 years, from 1851 to 1926, we only noted four changes that were more than a minimal increase:


Scott 3
2012 $160,000
2011 $125,000

Scott 140a
2012 $400
2011 $300
Scott 140b
2012 $400
2011 $350
Scott 140c
2012 $550
2011 $ - -

1927 to 2012

The Scott editor explained that although there were many changes amongst the modern Canadian stamps, most were a reflection of the strengthening of the Canadian dollar in the past year. We found these increases starting around 1978 and continuing through to 2009. But almost all of these increases were negligible, being generally in the order of 5¢ to 10¢.

There were a small number of increases and decreases of significance amongst the post-1926 stamps. Here are the ones we noted:


Scott 1764b
2012 $425
2011 $400
Scott 1812
2012 $1.40
2011 $1.00
Scott CE1a
2012 $1,100
2011 $950



Scott 321
2012 $7.00
2011 $7.50
Scott 693d
2012 $3,750
2011 $4,000
Scott 716c
2012 $1,500
2011 $1,600

Scott 727a
2012 $525
2011 $550
Scott 1376b
2012 $10,500
2011 $11,500
Scott 1969a
2012 $400
2011 $475


New varieties

As we skimmed through the pages, we came across these four new varieties in the catalogue:

“Red Omitted”

Scott 2083a
Catalogue $1,600

“Die Cutting Omitted”

Scott 2139a
Catalogue $1,600

“Die Cutting Omitted”

Scott 2239b
Catalogue $650

“Vancouver 2010 overprint”

Scott 2299f
Catalogue $5


All in all, there were fewer changes of significance in the 2012 Scott catalogue than we have seen in any recent year. We cannot say we feel comfortable with this, taking into account the fact that we recorded 163 new record prices last year with great strength in the early stamps issued between 1900 and 1926, and especially among the Admirals. However our discussions with Canadian stamp dealers seem to indicate that there is not a great demand these days for stamps other than the best premium material. Few of our average collectors have the means or the will to pay the stiff prices demanded for this material.

Once again, we look forward to the upcoming year with optimism and high hopes that values will once again rise as collectors recognize how truly rare fine copies of early Canadian stamps really are.

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