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Commentary No. 132 - 17 June, 2010

The New 2011 Scott Catalogue

The Scott catalogue arrived late this year in Montreal coming in June, rather than May. But it may have been just as well as there wasn't much to get excited about. In last year's edition, we saw only a few increases which was hard to take after getting used to 10 years of regular increases. The news is about the same this year as last, with even fewer changes.

Here are some quotes on the state of the market from James E. Kloetzell, the Scott’s editor:

“Worldwide economies continue to show considerable weakness.  Some degree of stability has returned, but general weakness is unmistakable and has resulted in a stamp market in which demand for rarities and high-grade stamps is strong, while demand for more common material is quite lethargic.  Most stamps are just holding their own.

“In Canada, classic values are somewhat mixed, and the value changes are only scattered.  Scott 1 and 2, the 1851 3p red Beaver and 6p slate Prince Albert on laid paper, rise in value unused but fall slightly in used condition.  Scott 3, the 12p black Queen Victoria on laid paper, moves to $125,000 unused and $100,000 used, from $110,000 unused and $85,000  used last year.Various other classics rise slightly in value in unused condition.

“Early 20th-century Canada issues show minor weakness in some unused issues, such as the 1911-25 King George V Admirals, Scott 104-122, and a few other singles are sets.  The stamps from the period after the 1950s shown little improvement, but the stronger Canadian dollar has forced up the catalogue values for many modern stamps issued after about 1980."

Here are our specific comments on the various sets:

Early Canada  (Scott 1-13) - There were numerous increases, none of them major. Scott 1 mint increased from $27,500 to 30,000. Scott 3 mint increased from $110,000 to $125,000

Cents Issue  (Scott 14-20) - No changes

Large Queens  (Scott 21-33) - Just a few increases in the mint section. Scott 29d, the 15¢ imperforate increased from $1,250 to $1,500.




Scott 1

Scott 3

2010 $27,500

2010 $110,000

2011 $30,000

2011 $125,000



Scott 29d

2010 $1,250

2011 $1,500

Small Queens  (Scott 34-47) - No Changes.

Jubilees  (Scott 50-65) - Increases in Scott 61 and62.




Scott 61

Scott 62

2010 $2,400

2010 $3,600

2011 $2,650

2011 $3,750

 Maple Leafs, Numerals, Edward VII, Quebec Tercentenary  (Scott 66-103) - No Changes

Admirals  (Scott 104-134) - Some minor declines

Scroll, Arch, Pictorials, War (Scott 149-262) - No changes

1940’s – 2000’s – just a few changes especially amongst the definitive sets in 1982, 1987 & 1991. In these sets the increases are found in many of the booklets and some of the varieties such as stamps with die cutting omitted, inscriptions omitted or inverted. The most numerous increases are those found amongst the booklets.

Back of the Book

Airmail & Special Delivery  - Increases in E3 and E5 only




Scott E3

Scott E5

2010 $55

2010 $20

2011 $60

2011 $22


Registration - Increase in F2d and F3 only




Scott F2d

Scott F3

2010 $1,700

2010 $875

2011 $2,500

2011 $1,000

Postage Due & Official - Increases in J1-5 and 047a only.


Stamp Prices in General

We have to agree with Mr. Kloetzell's remarks at the beginning of our commentary. There were, in fact, few increases with the exception of some of the early unused stamps of Canada. We would generally be a bit more positive than him. For example, we were surprised at the declines in the values of the Admiral set. A quick look at our list of new record prices in 2010 shows an impressive number of Admiral record prices. We also note the strength of some of the Back of the Book stamps. Both Scott E3 and F3 were on this year's list of notable increases as well as last years. We expect stamp prices to improve moderately over the next year as the economy improves. Making predictions can be dangerous though!

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