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The “St. Aylott” Collection of Newfoundland
To Be Offered at Auction by Eastern Auctions Ltd.
On August 14, 2010

There is a sense of excitement about this upcoming auction. For collectors of Newfoundland stamps, it represents an opportunity to acquire rare and seldom offered material from the St. Aylott Collection.

Much of the material originates from famous name collections including those of Dale- Lichtenstein, Sydney Harris, Robert H. Pratt, Dr. Chan Chin Cheung and Sir Gawaine Baillie

Eastern states “The auction will not only appeal to seasoned specialists, but also to anyone wishing to embark on a new and fascinating area.”

The collection features over 500 lots of specialized material and includes examples of all known pence issue complete sheets, die and plate proofs, surcharged provisionals, Sperati forgeries and the well known Newfoundland airmail surcharges, some of them inverted. The overall condition is impressive.

Here’s a sampling of some of the best:


Lot 63
Scott 7
Catalogue $12,000

Realized $4,250


Lot 86
Scott 16
Catalogue $24,000
Realized $8,500


 “Surcharges in Black and Red”
(Only 4 Copies exist)

Lot 243
Scott 75 & 77
Catalogue $7,500
Realized $7,500


“Inverted Overprint Error”

Lot 381
Scott 211b
Catalogue $12,000
Realized $8,000

“Hawker Flight Overprint"

Lot 426
Scott C1
Catalogue $27,500
Realized $14,500


Halifax Airmail Inverted Overprints


Lot 438
Scott C3e
Catalogue $22,500
Realized $15,000


Lot 440
Scott C3i
Catalogue $12,000
Realized $5,250


 "De Pinedo Flight Overprint"

Lot 443
Scott C4
Catalogue $60,000
Realized $32,000


 "Inverted surcharge error"

Lot 469
Scott C12i
Catalogue $30,000
Realized $11,500 

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